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Are Astrid Wett and Lewis Saunderson Really Dating? Here’s the Truth

Are Astrid Wett and Lewis Saunderson Really Dating? Here’s the Truth

Popular Chelsea fan and OnlyFans model Astrid Wett had quite the eventful weekend after deciding to travel to Merseyside only to witness her beloved side suffer an embarrassing 4-1 loss at the hands of a ruthless Liverpool side.

Wett was actually caught on camera during the game when a Darwin Nunez shot blasted over the goalpost and nearly hit her straight in the head.

Astrid, who has been a controversial figure for her OnlyFans content and over-the-top personality, has gained quite a bit of popularity among footballers too – with Nicolas Jackson even allegedly engaging with her recently.

However, recently Wett confused many after being seen with Tiktok star and YouTuber Lewis Saunderson in a bed. For those unknowing, Saunderson is a British improv artist/comedian who makes some strange ‘awareness’ videos on his TikTok, Instagram and YouTube channels.

Some started speculating if the two influencers were seeing each other or had started dating, but the truth of their collaboration would be clarified relatively soon. Saunderson has gained popularity over the last few years for his videos which feature some over-the-top emotional acting from him to react to his ‘daughters death’ or ‘fathers death’ or ‘being cheated on by his wife’.

Well, it turns out that Saunderson decided to call upon Wett for a brand new type of ‘awareness’ video where a couple in a hotel encounter a gunman going berserk in the place. The video shows Wett revealing that she is ‘pregnant’ to which Lewis is delighted and tries to arrange for something to celebrate with, only for a gunman to enter their hotel.

Saunderson ends up ‘sacrificing’ himself and urges his ‘wife’ to hide in a corner of the room, before going on to confront the gunman who kills him. The reasoning behind the ‘awareness’ videos created by the British comedian is to make people more aware of how to react correctly in tough situations, with this one to show how a couple shouldn’t react when confronted in this situation with a  gunman.

With that being said, the collaboration between Astrid Wett and Lewis Saunderson didn’t just end with that video. They also linked up for another sketch that was created to be posted on the OnlyFans model’s social pages, and it now saw Saunderson take on the role of Wett’s father after portraying himself as his lover in his own video.

In this video, Saunderson is the father who discovers that Wett is an OnlyFans model and has a mental breakdown about it. The clip shows the two of them together before Astrid goes up to her room to create some more OF content. Lewis, in typical Brit fashion, decides to make up a few cups of tea and then head up to Wett’s room to have it with her, where he catches her in the act.

He then has one of his trademark emotional meltdowns to end the sketch. Many fans have found these two videos to be funny, while others are not so impressed. Some are even weirded out with the amount of milk that Saunderson puts into the tea in the video where he portrays the role of a dad of an OnlyFans model.

One thing that is assured is that Wett and Saunderson are not dating at all, nor are they romantically involved. Lewis, for one, is more focused on mourning his ‘children’ or ‘wives’ in his awareness skits and continues to create all sorts of unique videos.