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Fans Connect Usher with Man United Winger Antony

Fans Connect Usher with Man United Winger Antony

Grammy-winning pop star Usher was the star of the Super Bowl LVIII half-time show where he thrilled the crowd with an entertaining performance of his best hits.

He pulled out all his irresistible dance moves, but often resorted to this strange dance step that got many football fans thinking about Manchester United winger Antony.

Usher, who recently released his latest studio album ‘Coming Home’ after a gap of eight years and obviously took time to promote it during his halftime show.

Usher showcased impressive energy in keeping a smooth flow throughout his thirteen-minute-long performance, keeping the crowd on their feet with his slick moves and grooves.

He almost always kept moving throughout the performance and keeping in sync with his backup dancers, all while singing his verses perfectly.

However, after a point of time, Usher started to do the dance move which is known as the ‘Usher Spin’ where he does a rapid spin in the middle of some dance steps.

This is actually a pretty popular move, but started to annoy some viewers because of how often he resorted to it.

As a result, there were complaints that he was trying to be too much like Antony – who has earned a bit of a bad reputation for trying his spin moves with the football since joining the Red Devils in 2022.

Antony has annoyed a lot of supporters with his trademark skill that usually leads to nowhere. He tends to sometimes receive the ball and do an entire 180-degree spin in an effort to bamboozle defenders, but it almost never works out.

The Manchester United winger’s signature step is a bit different to Usher’s because the popstar prefers to do a total 360-degree spin and of course, does it at a rapid pace because there is no football in between his feet.

While Usher’s spin might be a favorite for some onlookers, he should probably be smarter not to overdo this move and become a social media meme that Antony has become since trying and failing to impress fans with his own move.