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Look: Mykhaylo Mudryk Rocks New Ponytail Look Amid Receding Hairline Rumors

Look: Mykhaylo Mudryk Rocks New Ponytail Look Amid Receding Hairline Rumors

Mykhaylo Mudryk has become a highly talked-about figure at Chelsea since joining last year, but for all the wrong reasons. The 23-year-old winger has just not been able to hit the ground running and has been held back because of his highly inconsistent nature.

The Ukrainian winger seems to have the potential of doing something great. He boasts amazing pace, an impressive dribbling – but his poor finishing and decision-making have made him a bit of a laughingstock for fans. Despite all the criticism, Mudryk is focused on being a success story at Stamford and is a pretty relaxed figure who also likes to try out different styles when it comes to his appearance.

Mudryk already has a number of tattoos, but it’s his hair that has gotten fans talking over the recent weeks. A natural blonde, Mudryk normally tends to keep his hair short and tidy – but might’ve been forced to try out different variations as of late.

A lot of fans have noticed that the 23-year-old might be suffering from a case of a receding hairline.

Some have speculated that he might be losing his hairline and been forced to try out different styles as a result. The evidence for this comes from some of the close-up pictures of Mudryk that have emerged from the last month or so.

It appears that the Ukrainian winger might be losing his hair around the side areas of his head. He doesn’t seem to have much hair on the sides at all and in an attempt to hide that, the Chelsea star has been seen donning a little ponytail in their matches over the last few weeks.

There might be some substance to this evidence, especially if you look back at how he appeared upon joining Chelsea in January 2023. At that time, Mudryk had a lot more hair around the edges of his head and used to often wear a headband to drape his hair in a back-brush style.

Uzhhorod, Ukraine – November 19, 2022: Mykhailo Mudryk of Shakhtar Donetsk goes to the pitch of Avanhard stadium in Uzhhorod during VBET Ukrainian Premier League game against SC Dnipro-1

To his credit, the winger’s new ponytail has won over some Chelsea supporters – who feel he looks even more attractive with this variation. However, there is a little bit of genuine concern that Mudryk might be in danger of losing his hairline if he is not careful enough.

He wouldn’t be the first Premier League footballer to be suffering from this issue either. The same problem seems to be troubling Erling Haaland, another blonde wonder in the English top division.

A major reason for Mudryk’s receding hairline, similar to that of Haaland, could be because he might be running every day with his hair tied up with a headline. This can cause more sweat to start compounding on the hairline and persistent jerking of his hair might be damaging it.

This might be a possible reason why the Chelsea winger has ditched his headline and instead just tying his hair in a ponytail. Of course, Mudryk has the opportunity to fix this issue before it starts spreading all over and ruins his entire hairline. The 23-year-old can seek professional help as there are many procedures available in England for fixing a receding hairline.

He could ensure as not lose any more of his hairline by seeking some receding hair transplants, which can cost up to £10,000 in the UK alongside an added £2,000 in grafts. This isn’t really a bad deal for a professional footballer like Mudryk, who reportedly earns a lavish £5.2 million-a-year salary at Stamford Bridge.

The 23-year-old winger looks like someone who really likes showing off his vibrant hair. But to ensure that he can keep this luscious blond hair for the rest of his life, Mudryk has to put more time and focus on taking better care of it or risk losing his hair at an embarrassingly young age.