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Mykhaylo Mudryk: Unconventional Neck Tattoo Sparks Buzz

Mykhaylo Mudryk: Unconventional Neck Tattoo Sparks Buzz

A day before Chelsea’s home game against Crystal Palace, the Blues announced the shock signing of Ukrainian forward Mykhaylo Mudryk.

The 22-year-old had been linked with London rivals Arsenal for months, and the player himself even hinted at the move coming to fruition. 

However, Chelsea swooped in at the eleventh hour, offered better payment terms, sold Mudryk on the long-term project, and managed to complete a sensational hijack.

The forward was then presented at Stamford Bridge during the half-time break against Palace, followed by some media content on the club’s website.

A highly-rated prospect, Mudryk has attracted plenty of attention from fans and clubs alike, which means that his style of play has received plenty of coverage. 

Explosive, skilful and lethal best sum up the young forward, although it remains to be seen how his talents translate to the Premier League.

Aside from Footballing coverage, Mudryk’s personality has also garnered interest, with his various tattoos being a specific topic of intrigue.

The Ukrainian has all sorts of ink on various parts of his body, and a majority of them are religious in nature. 

On the side of his neck, he has a tattoo which reads ‘only Jesus’, alongside another similarly religious tattoo on his right torso.

His left torso features a bit of colourful ink, displaying a red-filled heart with a football alongside it, clearly expressing his love for the game. 

One of his most interesting tattoos is situated right on his neck, and it holds a more personal purpose rather than a religious one.

The tattoo simply reads ‘Talent ain’t enough’, with the word ‘Talent’ crossed out to affirm the message. 

Mudryk himself was asked about the tattoo during a behind-the-scenes interview posted by Chelsea, and the forward replied by saying ‘That means it’s hard work, it’s why I’m here, it’s a very strong thing. Every match is difficult, I really can’t wait to start it.’

While the ink certainly reminds Mudryk of the importance of hard work, fans online found it to be a bit redundant.

Pointing to the fact that the word ‘talent’ is crossed out despite the tattoo literally negating the value of talent, users on Twitter felt that the ink was flying against its own purpose.

With ‘talent’ canceled out, technically all that remains is ‘ain’t enough’, and well, that doesn’t mean much does it?