This Overcooked Cheeseburger At Elland Road Will Totally Ruin Your Evening

Food at football stadiums can largely be hit or miss. 

Grub at venues of the European elite is often plagued by exorbitant prices, whereas, lower league teams mostly offer quality scran, the quality of football sadly, often takes a nosedive. 

It’s common to see pictures of some truly hideous stadium food floating around social media, the likes of which can put aeroplane food to shame. 

A recent example arrives from Elland Road, and the image is rather off-putting. 

The image comes to us via @FootyScran on Twitter, the go-to spot for well.. Footy Scran.

Shown in the image is what appears to be a cheeseburger (the jury’s still out), and evidently, it’s in bad shape.

Buns roasted to a crisp, borderline ashy and so is the patty.

No sign of the advertised cheese, perhaps there’s a blacked slice tucked in somewhere.

One can only wonder what appliance was employed to cook this monstrosity, a nuclear reactor comes to mind. 

Other guesses from fans included – The surface of the sun, a Volcano and a dragon’s breath.

Perhaps they took the price tag of £4.20 too seriously. 

Needless to say, the burger was roasted by fans online, along with Leeds United. Hilarious takes followed, including this exchange. 

The Peacocks have received the sincerest form of customer feedback possible, and we certainly hope they do better next time.