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Cheeseburger and Waffle Fries: Brentford Show They Have the Best Scran in Football Again

Cheeseburger and Waffle Fries: Brentford Show They Have the Best Scran in Football Again

Brentford are rejoicing once again with their star performer Ivan Toney back in the mix after serving out his ban.

Even more delightful was the fact that their hero scored within just 17 minutes of his first start after months of absence. What this meant for them was a delicious 3-2 victory vs Nottingham Forrest.

Due to this they can rest easy for a bit as they are now six points clear from relegation zone. Tasting a victory after 5 matches of despair, their spirits are high.

As it happens, victory wasn’t the only delicacy served at the Gtech Brentford community stadium. Reported by FootyScran, the affordable meal being served by the Bees has attracted some eyes.

To everyone’s surprise, the scran served at Brentford might actually be world class, specially for the low asking price.

In the photo posted you can see a glorious Cheeseburger with sesame seed bun, patty, cheese and other toppings. To accompany this there are crinkled-cut waffle fries. Everything looks fresh.

A couple of dips with a side of coleslaw and some greens complete the package. All this for a price tag of £6.95 in the early bird offer.

For a regular meal this might cost you £8.95, which in itself isn’t that high. Just for being a Premier League hosting ground that too in the capital city, it ought to be higher.

Footy fans are genuinely surprised how this scran is so cheap, pointing out that at big stadiums like Emirates, this might cost south of £20 easily. Even the American fans have chimed in to say that in the States this would cost them $30.

Some are considering switching allegiances just to get the food regularly. Its just January and people have already declared this the best football scran of 2024.

A few regulars have shared their doubts that it isn’t available to general public and might be some part of the corporate package or a special deal as there aren’t any burgers available for general admission due to the lack of facilities.

Food culture in general, has become a great part of football games now and it isn’t just hotdogs and pot noodles anymore. As so it happens, this is not the first appearance for the Bees regarding the food the quality food they serve. Their Butter chicken and rice had made it to the all time top footy scran list too.

Not only that, foodies have deemed Brentford’s unbelievable Hotdog a must have too. Among the vegetarian options, visitors have had the luck to try out their Samosas and all they have got to say is that Brentford do know how take care of their fans.

Admirers are wishing Brentford to stay in the Premier League so that when they visit the west London club, they could enjoy the fulfilling scran.