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Sneak Peek at the Quirky Belgium x Adidas x Tomorrowland Collab

Sneak Peek at the Quirky Belgium x Adidas x Tomorrowland Collab

With the FIFA World Cup 2022 now a few months away, the competing players and teams are not the only ones preparing for the grand spectacle. The sponsors, advertisers and everyone associated with the event are involved in making the competition look ‘glamorous’ and have a major task on their hands.

The World Cup also poses a major marketing tool for well-known brands. The tournament still remains the most prestigious one in the world of football. Millions are bound to watch every game. As a result, for major brands, it serves as something that can help them advertise their products on a massive global scale.

While most of the official sponsors for the World Cup have properly finalized their marketing strategies, some are still looking to get more eyes on their products. Adidas, for one, will be heavily featured on the jerseys of many national teams in the competition.

But they’re not just focusing on what players will wear during the games only. In an attempt to attract a larger audience, Adidas has partnered up with the iconic Belgian music festival Tomorrowland to collaborate on some new apparel.

The two have combined to create a new pre-match practice kit for the Belgium national team ahead of the World Cup. Belgium are one of the favourites to win the competition and features popular players like Kevin de Bruyne, Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku.

So it’s not surprising that they have been chosen by Adidas for this interesting new top. The pre-match training kit is inspired by the colours of the Red Devils as well as Tomorrowland.

Its common goal is to promote anti-discrimination of any kind and spread the message of love, equality and diversity.

Here is how the new collection is described: “With designs powered by Tomorrowland’s famous fireworks, an explosion of colour, the high summer LOVE collection of apparel & accessories mesmerizes its audience with a young, innovative, vibrant vibe and a keen eye for detail.”

The likes of KDB, Lukaku, Azel Witsel and Michy Batshuayi could be seen modelling the merch on the official website as the collab will also generate unique t-shirts, hats and shorts, targeted at the fans.

The Red Devils are guaranteed to play at least 6 group games in the World Cup. One thing is for sure, is that they will absolutely stand out wearing that funky new top, possibly inspiring more fans to buy it and making it profitable for Adidas as well as Tomorrowland.