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Loving The Icon Goalkeeper Kits From Adidas? Here’s What They Cost

Loving The Icon Goalkeeper Kits From Adidas? Here’s What They Cost

Adidas continues to crank up the heat as we inch closer and closer to World Cup Season.

The World Cup kit battle seems done and dusted, as Adidas have thoroughly outdone Nike through a range of vibrant and creative kits. 

While the highlights are of course brilliant, you’ll struggle to find a single lacklustre shirt in Adidas’ World Cup collection, such is the quality all across the board. 

The competition has seemingly no answers thus far, signalling a job very well done for Adidas. 

Some of the World Cup kits from Adidas.

However, the German Sportswear brand still isn’t done releasing incredible kits.

Their latest release came in the form of retro-inspired goalkeeper kits, which are essentially templates and will not be seen on the pitch itself.

Nevertheless, these will be made available for sale, and early impressions are enough to surmise that there are going to be plenty of buyers. 

The looks on display can be likened to a time capsule back to the 90s, a period where the players were stylish, the footy was rough and the kits were hip as hell. 

Inspired by the ‘rad’ kits you’d see on goalkeepers, Adidas have created 4 icon shirts. 

Let’s start off with the most eccentric of them all, Mexico. 

The design in use borrows heavily from the flamboyant kits you could spot on Jorge Campos, which blended well with his equally vibrant personality.

At the fore is a wild ensemble of luminous colours, shades of pink, yellow, dark navy and neon green all come together in a wavy pattern, with centralized logos. 

The kit is peculiar in the best way possible, and will likely make your eyes pop.

Up next we have Argentina, with a design that may remind you of those sweaters your grandma used to knit.

Echoing the stylized kit worn by Sergio Goyocochea during the 1990 WC, the icon edition displays similar triangular patterns with purple and dark blue at the heart of it.

The signature three stripes can be seen running all the way down to the sleeve cuffs which is a rather nifty touch.

Germany’s icon edition takes after the look worn by Bodo Illgner, back when Die Mannschaft became World Champions for the 3rd time. 

This really is the perfect reflection of exactly how creative Goalkeeper kits used to be during this period.

On this kit alone, we count 3 design variations, and all of them could’ve worked splendidly by themselves.

Different tones of pink and purples are used all over, as matrix-inspired stripes feature at various parts of the shirt.

The aesthetic is dark, wild and rather raw, fit for a 90’s rave if you ask us. 

Finally, we have La Furia Roja, with the kit personifying aquatic vibes.

Plucked straight out from a coral reef, the design features marine blue predominantly. Jagged edges populate the centre of the shirt, and even feature extensively on the sleeves. 

Stylized stripes are introduced from the left side, with white added in for effective colour contrast. 

Centralized logos feature here as well, and the Three stripes run all the way down in white in this case.

This special collection can be best described as outrageous, as all 4 designs are mental and brilliant in equal measure. 

For those wondering about purchase details, you can grab these beauties for a premium price of £90 at the Sports Direct website.

Exorbitant? We know.

But we’re willing to wager that for a decent number of fans, the kits will simply be hard to resist.