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How Antony Wound Up Jorginho After Man United Equalised At Stamford Bridge

How Antony Wound Up Jorginho After Man United Equalised At Stamford Bridge

Premier League encounters between Chelsea and Manchester United have been characteristically dull for the past few seasons, with both teams usually finishing in a stalemate.

Unfortunately, last night’s fixture between the two failed to break the trend as it made for another 90 minutes of unexciting football.

The two sides created little in terms of concrete chances, with Chelsea registering an xG of 1.09, while United’s was 1.07.

The visitors established their dominance at the Bridge early on and managed to stitch together multiple offensive endeavors.

However, indecision in the final third cost them, as Chelsea managed to survive the first 45 unscathed.

Following the break, United remained the better side by a smidge, but the contest was certainly more even overall.

What looked destined to be a draw flipped on its head, as Scott McTominay’s bullish buffoonery in the box led to a penalty for The Blues, completely against the run of play.

Up-stepped Jorginho, who rarely misses from the spot, and on this occasion as well, he made no mistake.

Empathic celebrations broke in the Matthew Harding Lower, as the Italian ran towards the home support and passionately beat on his chest.

That should’ve been the end of that, but as always, it’s impossible to count United out.

Soon enough, similar scenes erupted in the away end when Casemiro’s floated header managed to creep past Kepa in goal.

The Reds rushed towards an electric Shed, Lisandro Martinez screamed in tandem with a random supporter while Casemiro evoked his inner Hulk.

The mental celebrations gave us plenty to dissect, but an intriguing moment almost slipped through the cracks, if not for eagle-eyed fans on the internet.

Featuring Jorginho and United’s Antony, the moment occurred right after the ref confirmed the goal.

In the midst of the chaos, Antony made sure to rub it in the Italian’s face as he mockingly shouted in his ear before joining his teammates.

The clip soon went viral, alongside the obligatory ‘dawg’ meme of course.

For years, United fans have clamored for a passionate group, and with this team that is exactly what they have.

The Reds will probably feel a bit undone with just one point from the game, but the performance was encouraging nonetheless.