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Arsenal Defender Gabriel Magalhaes Destroys Spurs Rival On Punch Machine

Arsenal Defender Gabriel Magalhaes Destroys Spurs Rival On Punch Machine

Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur share one of the most bitter rivalries in English football. The two London clubs just simply hate each other.

Out of 192 games played between them, the Gunners come out on top with 80 wins, 61 victories for Spurs, and 51 shared spoils.

In recent times, Spurs have had bragging rights with 5 wins out of the last 10 games and only 3 losses, the most recent one being a 3-1 defeat in the Premier League at the Emirates, early in October.

Arsenal, on the other hand, are runaway winners with 13 league titles, compared to a mere 2 for Tottenham. The Lilywhites last won a trophy in 2008, claiming that year’s League Cup.

The numbers behind these two might sway in favour of one side, but when on the pitch, they always put on an entertaining show.

All form disappears during the derby matches as the capital city neighbours clash with the fierceness and hunger-to-win spirit that cannot be explained, but experienced.

Off the pitch too, it seems that Arsenal has emerged as the heavier hitter, literally.

A fresh video has emerged on the internet which shows Brazilians Gabriel Magalhaes and his rival Lucas Moura went out together.

Fans have captured an interesting competition between them that doesn’t involve 20 other players but rather a simple punching bag with a machine. A classic.

The Tottenham winger threw a punch with his right hand after winding up dramatically and the score on the machine crept up to an impressive 810.

To his response, the Arsenal defender stepped up casually, emulated a Rocky Balboa-esque warm up and hit the punching bag with a searing left fist.

Incredibly, 844 was displayed on it and the nearby supporters immediately took to cheering the duel’s winner.

The raw power possessed by modern-day footballers is somewhat absurd, credited to the fitness regimes and intense training sessions.

Arsenal and Tottenham have given us some unbelievable matches in football, like the comeback for the Gunners from 2-0 down to a 5-2 win in 2012 or the 4-4 draw in 2008, to mention a few.

Although this hard-hitting punching bag game between Gabriel and Lucas Moura is certainly not quite what was expected, it definitely falls under a never-before-seen intriguing bracket.

Well, we’ll be waiting for the fireworks to fly when the two teams meet at White Hart Lane in January next year. Till then, we can count this as an Arsenal triumph over Spurs. Can we?