Twitter convinced CityPool era is on its last legs. What’s next?

The Premier League has seen some dominant teams over the years, but none quite like Liverpool and Manchester City in the past decade.

These two clubs have completely dominated the English top flight, winning multiple titles and consistently competing for the top spot

Liverpool, led by manager Jürgen Klopp, has been a powerhouse in recent years. The Reds won the Premier League title in back-to-back seasons, ending a 30-year drought for the club.

They also won the Champions League in 2019, solidifying their place among the elite in European football.

But it’s not just the silverware that has set Liverpool apart. The team has been consistently strong, finishing in the top four in the Premier League in each of the past five seasons.

They have a solid defence, led by Virgil van Dijk, and a formidable attack featuring the likes of Mohamed Salah and co.

Manchester City, managed by Pep Guardiola, has also been a dominant force in the Premier League. The Cityzens have won the title in four of the past ten seasons. They have also reached the Champions League semifinals twice in the past three seasons.

Like Liverpool, Manchester City has been a consistently strong team in the league. They have finished in the top four in every season since 2010, and have consistently challenged for the top spot.

Their success has been built on a possession-based style of play and a strong defence, as well as the individual brilliance of players like Kevin De Bruyne and Ederson.

The “CityPool” dominance in the Premier League has been unprecedented in recent years but things are looking different this time around.

A quick look at the PL table will tell you so.

At the top spot is a team many had not expected, Arsenal. Chasing them is Manchester City, already 7 points off with almost half the season to go.

Liverpool? Not even top 5.

The Kopites sit sixth, two points shy of fifth-placed Spurs and 15 less than the leaders.

Neither club is looking like its old imperious self, and this weekend’s result perfectly encapsulated that.

City drew 1-1 with 16th-placed Everton, who had previously lost three in a row. The City of the old would brush the Toffees aside but not this time.

Liverpool went one step ahead, or back, depending on how you look at things, losing 3-1 to Brentford. Their rock at the back, van Dijk, the ever-dependable man who led them to the title, was in fact hooked at the half time citing an injury, but it may well have been tactical.

The dominance of City and Liverpool, or CityPool, may be coming to an end and the below screenshot perhaps sums up the state of the two legendary managers.

Liverpool is obviously struggling but Klopp has dismissed the thought of getting more players in the January transfer window, causing bafflement.

City, on the other hand, has an abundance of talent, none more so than their homegrown and loved player Phil Foden. But Foden has not seen much game time recently, with Pep instead preferring Jack Grealish. This has caused many to question Pep.

The prospect of CityPool ending has led to disappointment for many.

Disappointment of “many”. Not “all”.

Because obviously, with the fall of leaders, a void is created. And the way things are going, two or three clubs look well-poised to fill it. Arsenal have been on an upward trajectory, and the arrival of Erik Ten Hag at Old Trafford has certainly created a positive impact at Man Utd as well.

It is poetic as well. It was the dominance of Arsenal and United that was disrupted but CityPool. And it is only fitting that the former duo now replaces the latter.

There are, of course, others like Chelsea, and even Newcastle now, that can fight for dominance, but that is a discussion for the future.

The current headline is “CityPool may be coming to an end”.