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Adidas Celebrates 150th Anniversary Of Scotland Football Team With A Must-Have Kit

Adidas Celebrates 150th Anniversary Of Scotland Football Team With A Must-Have Kit

The Scottish Football Association (SFA) is celebrating 150 years of Scottish football in grand style. The history of Scottish football is rich and storied, with some of the world’s greatest clubs and international achievements that have made the country one of the most influential and important in the sport.

From its inception in 1873, the SFA has worked tirelessly to promote and grow the sport in Scotland. The first official international football match was played on November 30, 1872, at Hamilton Crescent in Partick, where Scotland faced England in a goalless draw.

This marked the beginning of Scotland’s journey in the sport and set the stage for what was to come.

Over the years, Scottish football has produced some of the world’s greatest clubs, and the country has a rich history on the international stage.

The fierce passion and support for the sport from fans, players, and officials alike has helped to build a strong and enduring footballing tradition.

And what better way to celebrate 150 years of Scottish football than with a new kit?

The SFA has now revealed a new retro kit to celebrate this momentous occasion, and fans are absolutely loving it.

The dark navy strip is a simplistic and elegant design, featuring both the old-fashioned Lion Rampant crest and Adidas badge, with the iconic three stripes on the sleeve which are the same colour as the rest of the top. All logos and brandings appear in a tonal way, with only the lion in the centre of the crest coloured in gold.

The sleeve cuffs of the shirt are white with thin dark blue lines, and the white trim at the collar and sleeve cuffs add a touch of elegance to the design. 

Scotland fans are hyped for the release of this incredible kit and the chance to show their support for the team as they celebrate such a significant milestone in the history of the sport.

The kit is set to be released soon, and there’s sure to be a rush of supporters looking to get their hands on the latest merchandise. In their own words, this, quite literally, is a work of art.

This jersey will reportedly be worn by Steve Clarke’s Scotland team in their Euro qualifying double header with Cyprus and Spain in March, as well as in the historic match against England to mark the SFA’s 150th anniversary.

The 150th anniversary is a significant moment in the history of the sport and the release of the new retro kit is a fitting tribute to the organization’s rich heritage. The kit is a reflection of the passion and pride that Scottish football fans have for the sport, and it’s sure to be a popular item among supporters.