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Fans Unearth Unseen Photos Of Kylian Mbappe As A Child

Fans Unearth Unseen Photos Of Kylian Mbappe As A Child

Kylian Mbappe‘s rise from AS Bondy to the very top of the footballing ladder has been a stunning story, and a well-documented one too.

Some details from the Frenchman’s come-up will even make you believe that it was always meant to be, it all started in the youth academy of Bondy, where a young Mbappe was being coached by his father Wilfrid.

After impressing the coaches at Bondy, he was moved on to the Clairefontaine academy, which eventually led to invitations from some of Europe’s top clubs.

At the age of 11, Mbappe made a trip to Real Madrid training facilities, furthering his love affair with the club, while also clicking his now iconic picture with Cristiano Ronaldo in the process.

The next step in Mbappe’s career came with his first senior move to AS Monaco, he quickly became the club’s debutant at the age of 16, beating out former record holder Thierry Henry.

The entire world watched on as Mbappe delivered an incredible breakthrough season in 2016-17 and won the Ligue 1 title with Monaco.

From that point on, the boy became a  sensation, every move Mbappe has made since has been a topic of public fascination, and fans have sifted through and discovered basically everything there is to know about the PSG superstar.

However, even their comprehensive efforts couldn’t match that of South Korean fans, more specifically of those that stan Mbappe.

South Korean fans are known to be a different breed, their passion is unmatched and so is their dedication.

Much like the manner in which K-POP stans dig out every ounce of information about their favourite musical acts, a bunch of Mbappe supporters managed to unearth a series of pictures that we reckon the Frenchman himself has never seen either.

Captured during his childhood days, the pictures display a young Mbappe alongside his relatives and family members.

They also include one of him posing in front of the Paris Saint Germain badge, possibly captured after a trip to the club’s facilities.

Despite being captured at a tender age, certain facial elements that the Frenchman grew into are still pretty apparent; you can spot the early rumblings of a future golden boy in these time capsule-like images.

It’s pretty surprising that these pictures managed to sneak past the radar of basically everyone, alternatively, it could just be a case of fans going to unreasonable lengths to procure the images. 

Nevertheless, they provide further insight into the makings of a superstar and also prove that South Korean stans are simply next level.