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Man Utd Tiktoker Halooaziz takes aim at Mohamed Salah for celebrating Christmas

Man Utd Tiktoker Halooaziz takes aim at Mohamed Salah for celebrating Christmas

Manchester United‘s game against Liverpool has been at the centre of Football discourse all throughout the week, and the reason for it boils down to the shocking scoreline.

The home side didn’t just defeat United, they hammered them 7-0, and naturally, fans online simply cannot get over it.

Take this United supporter for instance, who goes by the name ‘Halooaziz’ across all his socials.

Primarily a Tiktoker, his channel boasts a follower count of more than 550k, with the content ranging from highlights of his twitch streams to monologues and some Footy content scattered about.

He has also amassed a sizable audience on YouTube, with his subscriber count on the platform sitting at 16.5K.

Needless to say, the Tiktoker has garnered a decent bit of popularity, and recently, it saw a massive surge as a clip of him berating Mohamed Salah went viral on Twitter.

The Liverpool forward delivered a vintage display against United, scoring a brace and also providing the assist for 2 goals.

The game also saw Salah become Liverpool’s all-time top scorer in the Premier League, which was certainly a neat bonus.

The Egyptian likely drew the ire of thousands of United supporters, including Halooaziz who minced no words regarding his distaste for the forward.

In the viral clip, he appeared to stage some sort of religious crusade against Salah, and called him a ‘Christmas celebrating fuc*ing hairline b*tch.’

His vexation in the clip seemed to revolve around Salah’s Christmas celebrations with his family, which are supposedly looked down upon in his religion.

Nevertheless, Halooaziz’s crazed rant was evidently personal, as he even suggested that the forward is going straight to hell alongside his wife and children.

Naturally, the Tiktoker was criticized by fans online for his profane remarks, including the obscene comment he directed towards Salah’s family.

Even his frequent viewers seemed to take issue with the clip, aside from a few who came to his aid and pointed towards the comedic intentions of the rant.

The backlash grew to such a degree that Halooaziz issued a proper apology for his comments.

The Tiktoker issued two responses, one of which stated ‘In the video, I used inappropriate language and said Mo will go to hell for celebrating Christmas which is ‘shirk’. The language I used in the video was very inappropriate and I should have never spoken in that way.’

He further added ‘However, I still stand by what I said about Christmas, Christmas is shirk, is a sin that Allah does not forgive but I still shouldn’t have ever spoke in that manner.’

The second response came in the form of a full-fledged video , clocking in at around 19 minutes, and it can be viewed here.