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What If Converse Designed A Liverpool Home Kit?

What If Converse Designed A Liverpool Home Kit?

Merseyside outfit Liverpool are a club steeped in culture. 

The European pedigree, the essence of true underdogs, the club anthem itself, and even the associations to rock music folklore.

These are priceless elements that make up a Football giant that also happens to be a cultural juggernaut. 

Under American ownership, the club has made numerous efforts to propagate this culture to worldwide markets by adding a dose of Westernisation. 

Take, for instance, their recent apparel drop with Basketball Icon Lebron James, one that serves to further nudge LFC into mainstream American sports culture. 

And now, just a few weeks after LFC X LeBron, Liverpool have returned with another partnership, on this occasion with the lifestyle brand Converse. 

Most prominently associated with skateboarding culture, Converse is a juggernaut in its own right. 

The brand behind the iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars has done well to remain ‘hip’, and their capsule drop with the Reds is packed with Varsity wear and all the Liverpool insignia you’d expect. 

The drop features polos, bucket hats, jackets, sweaters, joggers, and much more, including this LFC-themed pair of All-Stars. 

As part of their ‘Creating from the Ground up’ campaign, Converse have handed 5 Reds the opportunity to showcase their creativity, an invitation that unofficially extends to the larger fanbase as well. 

With the collection notably missing a specially-design kit, concept kit creators online seem to have taken up the task.

While their efforts won’t be rewarded with advertorial features on websites, the designs are worth taking a look at.

And the one in focus today perfectly encapsulates the ethos behind the 2 collaborating entities. 

What if Converse made Liverpool kits?

Created by @lfcdzn11 on Twitter, the concept presents Liverpool’s home kit with Converse-inspired elements.

The predominant color remains the traditional red, the strip features 2 different pattern variations at the front.
A standard striped design begins at the torso and extends to the bottom; it is surrounded by hoops and ridges, which separate near the top above a white horizontal line. 

The kit employs the use of a crew-neck collar with red and white outlines, while the shoulders feature a signature Converse motif.

A series of the brand’s iconic Chevron logos are presented on a white base on both shoulders, they seamlessly blend with the white sleeve cuffs. 

The various logos appear to be placed vertically, the Converse All-star sits at the top in all its multicolored glory, followed by a white-colored club crest and sponsor logo.

To summarize, the concept’s efforts at fusing together Converse and Liverpool are largely successful, although we reckon the stripes won’t be to everybody’s liking.

Nevertheless, the kit is certainly a solid attempt at a Converse-designed Liverpool kit.