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The John Terry Treadmill Workout Leaving Fans Begging For Mercy

The John Terry Treadmill Workout Leaving Fans Begging For Mercy

John Terry might have retired from professional football five years ago, but his insane treadmill workout routine is leaving fans gassed to this date. The former Chelsea captain hung up his boots in 2018 after a short stint at Aston Villa and has since transitioned into a coaching role.

He worked as an assistant coach at Villa for three years after his retirement, working alongside Dean Smith. Terry left them in 2021 and then had a very short stint as Leicester City’s assistant manager alongside Smith before their relegation from the Premier League last season.

He’s now working as a coach in Chelsea’s academy after returning to the club that gave him so much acclaim.

Despite having been retired for many years, Terry has been keeping himself fit.

After his retirement at Villa in 2018, the Englishman actually posted a particular workout routine he follows to keep his fitness levels up.

This is an HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) treadmill routine which he follows quite a lot to test himself to the very limit.

How does the John Terry HIIT treadmill routine work?

Terry posted a video of himself doing this particular routine back in June, 2018. It shows him being taken to the limit in a treadmill, which shows his running numbers and how much time he’s been using it for.

The former Chelsea captain decided to reveal the details of his intense running exercise in the treadmill for his fans to follow too.

Of course, as is the norm before gym sessions, one has to warm up their body with some easy-going exercises.

After that, Terry’s routine urges one to get on an automatic treadmill where you would need to set it on a 12% incline and on a 18 km/h speed.

After that, it is advised to do a 20-second sprint followed by a 40-second rest period. Terry repeats this routine for 15 such runs, which is guaranteed to leave you absolutely knackered.

The former Chelsea captain can do this because of his history as a professional footballer who needs to keep their fitness at prime level and are often subject to such gruelling exercises.

Is the HIIT Routine Too Intense for Average Gym-Goers?

However, for the regular gym-goer, this is an extremely excruciating routine and probably not the right one. The reason behind this is that to run at an 18 km/h speed means that you have to be running at a very good pace and it is not just a case of jogging or brisk walking either. The 12% incline means that the pace will slowly, but surely, start getting faster and force you to test the might of your endurance levels.

A lot of fans have actually tried their best to follow Terry’s routine, but most of them have been absolutely rinsed by it. Over the years, fans have regularly complained about how doing the routine left them gasping for air. This is only natural because one would need very high endurance levels and stamina to be able to withstand running at such a high pace in such short intervals.

This is only a little example of how hard Premier League footballers need to work to keep themselves fit enough to survive in the league. Terry showcased his ability to do this at the age of 37 (in 2018) and proved how fit he was even at the age of his retirement.