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The Real Motive Behind Lionel Messi Doing Thor, Wakanda and Spiderman Celebrations

The Real Motive Behind Lionel Messi Doing Thor, Wakanda and Spiderman Celebrations

Lionel Messi has lit up the MLS. The Argentinean talisman has been on fire since joining David Beckham co-owned Inter Miami after parting ways with PSG.

The Albiceleste legend has single-handedly changed the status of both the MLS and his club Inter Miami which was struggling before his arrival. It’s no surprise that Messi magic captivates fans wherever the 36 year old plays.

However, one thing is a surprise for sure. Messi’s goals are almost always followed by his iconic celebration of looking up and pointing towards the sky but recently fans have noticed something different. 

A Different Celebration 

In his League Cup match against Atlanta United Messi celebrated by emulating Thor after netting his first goal. Messi stretched out his right hand as if he was expecting Thor’s hammer to come which was followed by a clench of the fist. 

Messi followed this up with another Marvel celebration against Orlando City in the League Cup round of 32 match. This time he emulated the Black Panther crossing the arms in the form of an X. 

Fans did not speculate much after the second celebration. However, Messi did a Marvel celebration for the third time in a row when he celebrated his goal against Charlotte FC by emulating Spider-Man. Since then his celebrations have been a hot topic for discussion. 

Messi’s wife Antonela provided some clarity about what the celebrations meant.

However, there might be much more to what meets the eye. Recently in June, MLS signed a contract with Adidas and announced a partnership with Marvel. After the deal, MLS came up with a ball inspired by Marvel’s iconic Avengers for the All-Star fixture against Premier League team Arsenal in July. 

What’s Really Up 

It’s well known that the name “Messi” has the adjectives like supernatural, magical associated with it. His legendary stature and his phenomenal form has resulted in the growing interest for MLS among football fans globally.

Messi, who is the most famous Adidas sponsored athlete, has been the centre of attention and the cause of change in the MLS. On top of that Messi’s son Thiago is a Marvel fan whose favourite superhero is Thor.

So, considering Messi’s image, the recent deal with Adidas and Marvel and the repetition of the celebrations back-to-back-to-back it might be that Messi’s Marvel celebrations serve two purposes.

First, they help promote Adidas and Marvel collab and possibly fulfill his commercial obligations, and less importantly second, they entertain his sons while serving the real purpose behind them.