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The Jack Harrison Transfer Saga – Who Got it Right, David Ornstein or Fabrizio Romano?

The Jack Harrison Transfer Saga – Who Got it Right, David Ornstein or Fabrizio Romano?

In the age of globalization, journalists and social media sites, share an impeccable bond. Social media are the places to build credibility and well frankly money.

There are plenty of journalists working with each club highlighting and breaking transfer news along with injury information and other related insights of the club.

Fabrizio Romano in this regard has made his name almost as a global superstar when it comes to the domain of football journalism. His followers on Twitter or Instagram often even wonder when the man sleeps, as he is breaking news all the time.

To rival him is The Athletic, a much trusted and credible sports news outlet’s most pivotal journalist working in the same milieu as Fabrizio, David Ornstein.

Both have almost built for themselves a trusted fan base to provide transfer saga stories and player details over the years.

These two reputed journalists, both at the top of their game went head-to-head regarding authentic information of now former Leeds and Manchester City winger, Jack Harrison.

While it was known, Harrison who is suffering from an injury had a medical for a loan deal with Everton.

Fabrizio tweeted about Emery having a telephonic conversation with the winger successfully persuading him to join Villa. Villa was Harrison’s preferred choice, as per the tweet at the time of Fabrizio.

Ornstein put a tweet minutes after, that Harrison will be joining Everton, as is known. There are no cases of hijacks happening.

Fans were interested to see who among these two, cream-of-the-crop journalists, come out correct.

Indeed, it was Ornstein who was correct, with Fabrizio tweeting, Harrison’s injury dented Villa’s interest in him.

As Harrison won’t be an immediate replacement for the injured Buendia, he will be joining Everton with Villa likely looking elsewhere.

While Fabrizio might have had the wrong news source after a long time, fans made sure he is aware of Ornstein’s supremacy over him. Fans tweeted about Ornstein’s sources being more authentic and reliable.

Fabrizio tweeted in defense of Harrison’s deal reaching a stumbling block with Aston Villa. Romano’s defeat brought many sources of popcorn enjoyment for followers of both the journalists.

Eventually, Harrison’s loan deal with Everton has been confirmed cementing Ornstein’s victory in this transfer saga.