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FC 24 Will Have Players Tumbling over Advertising Boards, Just like in Real Life

FC 24 Will Have Players Tumbling over Advertising Boards, Just like in Real Life

EA Sports FC 24 will be the first version of EA producing their annual digital football game but this time it will be following their completion of the deal with FIFA. The game still holds much popularity among players themselves and fans alike.

This is often evidenced by multiple posts throughout the year of global stars like Gundogan posting of kicking back with the EA game, or other football superstars obsessing about their ratings in the game.

Though for a brief period, rumors circulated that given the first year of EA Sports FC 24 will be of release outside the usual accompaniment of FIFA, fans of the game will be able to access it for free. Such rumors have extinguished as fast as they came.

Long-term admirers of the much-beloved game will be accustomed to many follies of in-built play.

Instances of keepers turning back and passing the ball into their net or players celebrating a trophy without holding a trophy in hand are all age-old happenings having resulted in many sources of playful conversations regarding every version.

Players becoming transparent and running past the actual goal without any obstruction were a thing of normality back in the day.

The advent of technology has also resulted in the evolution of bettering in-game graphics and more realistic gameplay.

In EA’s latest attempt to draw more moments of reality, a new in-game play has been introduced. Players are running and falling past or into the advertising boards.

Football fans have seen this happen multiple times while watching actual matches only this time while playing EA FC 24, they will witness their players falling on the advertising board and not the best or costliest joystick in the world will be able to bring them back in a jiffy to stop an attack or to create one.

For fans of the digital game, this is another welcome new introduction. Haaland’s prowess too has been much shared in the latest version of the game. EA FC 24 will be released on September 29th, 2023.