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Look: New Adidas Winter Gear Turns Bayern Munich Players Into Ninjas

Look: New Adidas Winter Gear Turns Bayern Munich Players Into Ninjas

It’s December already and European football is heading into winter season. It’s also time for the clubs to reveal their new winter training kits for the season. Recently, Harry Kane was pictured donning Bayern’s new winter training gear for 2023/24 by Adidas and it surely feels quirky.

Adidas has been the official kit partner of F.C Bayern Munich since 1974. Their partnership has resulted in the creation of numerous iconic jerseys and merchandise for the club. Notable are the ones featuring the club’s iconic blue and red stripes.

However, with their €900 million deal spanning 15 years set to conclude in 2030, Adidas seems to have introduced something remarkably different this time. The latest winter gear design by Adidas appears to transform Bayern players into straight-up ninjas.

Bayern’s winter gear features the Tiro 23 Winterized by Adidas. It has been inspired by Bayern Munich’s 3rd kit for 2023/24. The jacket features a white-coloured overall hue. It also includes the detailing of the iconic triple stripe of Adidas in grey down the sleeves.

Textured details can also be seen down the chest of the jacket. The Adidas logo has also been embedded in the chest area. Alongside it, is the retro Bayern Munich ‘FCBM’ logo used from 1923 to 1954. All in white. The only contrasting element against this overall white background is the sponsor logo of Deutsche Telekom, presented in a burgundy tint.

This is not just any other simple training kit. The Adidas Tiro 23 winterized has a padded chest for warmth with mesh panels at the sides to let air flow which helps footballers stay at an ideal temperature during training. Priced at £65, it is made up of 100% recycled polyester double-knit fabric offering excellent insulation.

The long-sleeved jacket with the thumbhole is made with Adidas’s AEROREADY technology. This keeps sweat away from the skin, keeping the players dry and comfortable even during intense activity. However, the stand-out feature is its zippered high neck.

The neck can be extended to cover your mouth and nose like a balaclava, offering extra protection from the wind and cold. The track pants are also completely white in shade with a similar greyish triple stripe near the ankle. With the balaclava on, the entire gear surely looks like a ninja dress.

A Ninja is a historical and legendary figure originating from Japan, known for their expertise in espionage, stealth, and combat skills. Historically, ninjas were covert agents or mercenaries in feudal Japan who specialized in unorthodox warfare and assassination.

They were masters in the Japanese art of Ninjutsu. They often employed stealth, disguise, and various unconventional tactics to achieve their objectives. In popular culture, ninjas are often depicted as skilled warriors wearing all-covered clothing, using stealthy movements, and employing specialized weapons like shuriken (throwing stars), ninjatō (ninja swords), and other tools.

Fans couldn’t help but opine that the new Bayern winter gear is strikingly similar to a white ninja-yoroi, the dress of a Ninja. They have also drawn parallels between Bayern’s white gear with other fictional characters.

“Moon Knight”. Commented an user. It was a reference to the famous Marvel Comics superhero. He was often seen fighting crimes in a white costume resembling the moon at night, hence the name “Moon Knight.”

Another user pointed out the similarities between the Bayern winter gear and the ‘Stormtroopers’. A Stormtrooper is a fictional soldier in the Star Wars universe. They are often recognizable by their all-white armor and helmets.

Despite these hilarious comparisons, one simply can’t discredit the positive reviews of the Adidas Tiro 23 winterized series. Bayern Munich are not the only team that has adorned the Tiro 23 winterized. Other clubs sponsored by Adidas like Arsenal, Real Madrid, and Man United have also adopted a similar style but in a different colour palette.

It is warm, comfortable, breathable, and stylish making it a great option for winter training, running, or everyday wear. Moreover, it can also provide a ninja-like experience if you get your hands on Bayern’s winter gear. But it might just burn a hole in your pocket.

Featured Image Source: Twitter