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What Rob Wotton Really Said About Wayne Rooney On Sky Sports

What Rob Wotton Really Said About Wayne Rooney On Sky Sports

Sky Sports network prides itself in being the most family friendly and no foul language network on the British Isles. But Boxing Day seemed to have turned the news channel a bit x-rated while reporting about Wayne Rooney and his team.

Wayne Rooney is a name that can’t be kept off of the headlines for long. As a player before and as a coach now, he never fails to make it to the front page news.

Currently managing the Championship side Birmingham F.C. since October, the Manchester United legend’s managing career hasn’t been a tale to tell.

His current team is struggling too, with 8 defeats in last 13 and at the bottom end of the table. His job seems to be in jeopardy if things don’t turn around.

In the latest match against Stoke, his team lost badly with a 1-3 score line and in the post match interview Rooney had mentioned that would that he could, he would have changes his entire squad at half time.

Sky presenter Rob Wotton while reporting on the game said, “Lots to come including Wayne Rooney, who admits he’d have subbed his entire Birmingham team off at half-time if he’d had the chance.”

However the word “subbed” didn’t sound so clear and could be misheard has the word “sucked”. This gives a whole another meaning to the statement and as is always the case, social media went overboard with the miscommunication.

With the situation that Rooney is in, the misheard version of the sentence made more of a sense to the netizens. Some were genuinely shocked as they believed that was actually what was said on the broadcast.

The innuendos were plenty with people wondering what would the manager had done, had his team actually won.

Sky has been in trouble recently regarding use of bad language in August when their reporter Melissa Reddy had used foul language to describe Andre Onana’s presence in the United defence. With all this in the backdrop, makes sense that people believed the network has faltered again.

What was for sure at fault however, was Birmingham City’s performance, according to Rooney. In the interview after the game he could be seen extremely frustrated with the team.

His comment to subbing off the whole team comes in the background of an ‘abysmal team performance’ according to him. They couldn’t even get the basics right and after seeing improvements first hand, he has no idea why they go back to zero again.

Birmingham City FC faithful on the other hand believe that the team is as good as the weakest link and for them that link right now is the manager. They found his comments embarrassing and wondered if he was even watching the same game.

The 38 year old manager had replaced John Eustace as the new manager and that move wasn’t appreciated by the fans very much.

He has been with 4 different clubs in last 4 years and hasn’t shown anything positive at Birmingham either. So, anything negative about Rooney works great for that set of supporters.