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Concept Kit Shows What An Arsenal x Black Panther Crossover Would Look Like

Concept Kit Shows What An Arsenal x Black Panther Crossover Would Look Like

Arsenal have no real association with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) or anything comic-book-related, but there’s been a gorgeous new fan-made kit showing how good the players could look like if Adidas used comic-book-inspired designs for them.

Earlier in this campaign, independent designers ikrodesign and visilfer.99 created a brand new custom kit for the Gunners that left many impressed on social media.

The Arsenal concept kit is heavily inspired by the popular Marvel movie ‘Black Panther’ and the design is similar to the Black Panther suit won by the titular character in the movies and comic books too.

The kit is painted in black and purple, and also has a small icon of the Black Panther’s face imprinted right between the Adidas logo and the Arsenal crest.

The Gunners’ logo is itself designed in black and purple, while the cannon inside the kit is coloured in silver. The concept kit also has patterns of the Wakanda culture imprinted all over the body, with the Black Panther icon also intricately drawn into the shirt.

There is also the spiked necklace that is worn by the Black Panther character designed into the neck region of the Arsenal kit too, giving the vibe that the kit itself is the suit worn by the iconic MCU character.

This unique design definitely makes it soothing to the eye and one that can be bought not only by Arsenal fans, but the Marvel fanatics too.

This kit has earned a lot of love among the supporters, because of how beautiful it looks with the Black Panther icons imprinted all over it.

Many have pointed towards how this could be the perfect kit for ex-Gunner Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who has shown his love and admiration for Black Panther many times in the past.

He used to often do the ‘Wakanda Forever’ celebration and once even wore the Black Panther mask after scoring a goal for Arsenal.

Another person this concept kit could perhaps suit well is actor Daniel Kaluuya, who not only acted in the Black Panther movies, but is also a hardcore Arsenal fan who did voiceover in their Amazon ‘All or Nothing’ series.

Some have already started pleading with Arsenal and Marvel to create a partnership and try to make this kind of a kit because of how gorgeous it can look for players and supporters alike.

This concept kit can probably sell better than the Gunners’ current away kit does, but whether Adidas can actually turn this into a reality needs to be seen.