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Which Perfume Has Got Both Luka Modric and Rodrygo Fawning Over It

Which Perfume Has Got Both Luka Modric and Rodrygo Fawning Over It

Luka Modric and Rodrygo are like a father-and-son duo in the Real Madrid squad. The Croatian midfielder literally calls Rodrygo as ‘son’ on the pitch and even treats him like one.

This term was marked by Modric after he learned that Rodrygo’s father was actually younger than him, and the Brazilian has embraced him as his ‘second father’ of sorts.

The Brazilian winger is indebted to Modric for helping him become a success story at Real Madrid. He recently noted: “Luka Modric is the one who has taught me the most. I have a special affection for him. He has always helped me a lot, he has taught me many things. He is always by my side because he is 10 and I am 11, and we are always talking. We are always joking, like father and son.”

Rodrygo has not only been inspired by the Croatian on the pitch, but also taken up to his ways off the pitch as well.

As they are assigned to sit together in the dressing room, the young Brazilian forward gets a glimpse into Modric’s personal habits and the elements that he loves. That includes he kind of perfume Luka brings with him to training or for matches.

It appears that Rodrygo has been won over by a particular perfume that Modric uses and is now using it for himself quite often too.

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Rodrygo revealed: “I like to smell good. I have various perfumes but this is the one I always have, it’s special. Why? One day, I was in the dressing room, Luka Modrić is always next to me, I smelled his perfume and it was so good. So when he left I opened his bag, I took a pic of the perfume, sent to my friend and told him to buy it. Now I use the same perfume of Modrić and he doesn’t know I did this (laughs). I love it, the people always tell me it’s so good.”

As Rodrygo decided to show off the perfume in his GQ video, he also gave the fans the opportunity to buy it for themselves. On a closer, zoomed-in glance – it can be seen that Rodrygo and Modric’s favorite perfume is actually Onyx’s EDP (Eau de Perfume).

Onyx is a USA-based perfume makers who specialize in creating Eau de Perfume for both Men and Women. This is actually Onyx’s EDP 100 ml white floral edition.

Fortunately, this perfume is readily available on online stores all across the globe. It’s available on ArabiaScents for around £140, plus extra shipping costs. Zhor Perfumes are also selling it for around £119 plus additional shipping charges, although the brand offers free shipping if you are ordering from Italy.

For the likes of Modric and Rodrygo, spending £100 for a perfume is nothing considering they earn in millions. It could be quite costly for the average person, but perfume connoisseurs who love spending on Perfumes might be willing to spend that kind of amount if the EDP is really soothing.

The Onyx CEO will probably be delighted with how the Real Madrid duo have advertised their product for free to millions of fans. They can now expect a spike in sales for their particular white floral EDP 100 ml edition and manage to make a decent profit for their beautiful perfume that has won over two top-level, Champions League-winning footballers.