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The FIFA Snake meme Raheem Sterling could recreate with his move to Chelsea

The FIFA Snake meme Raheem Sterling could recreate with his move to Chelsea

After weeks of enquiring, assessing and ‘monitoring’, Chelsea look all set to complete their first signing of the window. 

The Blues had been eyeing a move for Manchester City‘s Raheem Sterling for numerous weeks now, and an agreement with City is reportedly in place. The English international is Thomas Tuchel’s preferred attacking addition, and talks with the German helped the 27-year-old make up his mind. 

At a fee of £45m, Sterling is a solid purchase, especially with his impressive Premier League record. With spells at Liverpool and City, the forward has crossed a century of goals in the top flight, and Chelsea fans will be hoping his record continues on over at the Bridge. 

When the news broke out, aside from general chatter, a meme began to take shape. 

After the move comes to fruition, Sterling will have played for 3 of the top six sides in the league, a fact which certainly doesn’t place the forward under the ‘loyal’ category. Sterling also happened to be a Manchester United supporter growing up, meaning he clearly has had no problems in switching sides.

Users online began comparing his switch-ups to the infamous fan from the FIFA games, one who seemingly cheers on everyone. 

Due to engine limitations or perhaps because no one really cares, EA Sports utilized one particular character model to vociferously cheer on essentially every side. The character, usually termed as ‘snake’ or ‘plastic’, frequently pops up during celebrations, looking as impassioned as ever. Just like the digital supporter, Sterling is now set to have affiliations with all 4 clubs, which perfectly recreates the meme.

Fans online quickly caught onto the similarity and the meme has since gone viral.