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Fans Slam Man United For Making Them Complete Ticket Questionnaire

Fans Slam Man United For Making Them Complete Ticket Questionnaire

Before Manchester United’s Europa League fixture with Omonoia FC at Old Trafford, fans were asked to fill out a questionnaire before being allowed in on Thursday night.

This was in relation to the source of the ticket being held by the match-going fans.

The questionnaire had questions designed to gather data so as to figure out where the tickets were bought from and to curb the touting of tickets.

Current arrangements mean that season ticket-holders are allowed to pass their tickets on to their family and friends in case they can’t make the game.

This provision is quite welcome with fans as it prevents their tickets from going unused due to unforeseen circumstances.

This, however, also opens up the possibility of tickets being touted around for much bigger rates.

Clubs around the Premier League have recently taken measures to prevent touting, which is seen as a scourge for the respective clubs.

This includes the introduction of non-transferrable digital tickets that are tied to the identity of the person holding them until the end of their validity.

This means that people simply wanting to let their family members or friends watch a game instead of having to give up their seats are somewhat irked that this step doesn’t take into account situations that cannot be anticipated.

The same reaction was seen on socials as Manchester United fans were somewhat inconvenienced before the goalless draw with the Magpies.

Some are of the opinion that this step is solely being taken to squeeze every penny out of fans wanting to get a glimpse of their heroes on the pitch.

United are known to have a global fanbase, with many willing to give up an arm and a leg to witness a game at the Theater of Dreams.

With this in mind, tickets are often sold by touts at extortionate prices outside the stadium, and according to some, this isn’t even the main issue.

The problem created by initiatives to stop touts is that data collected from questionnaires such as these allow the club to recalibrate the tickets as a part of a hospitality or special package, which are often even higher priced.

This doesn’t sit well with the supporters as they feel the money spent in getting them is just another way for the Glazers to funnel money into their pockets.

For the moment, touting is accepted as being a common sight before games and remains one of the ways in which fans can obtain tickets that would have been near-impossible to get at a short notice, albeit at an increased price.

The measures being taken by the clubs neither completely solve the issue, nor does it help those simply wanting to not see their tickets go to waste, according to some fans.

Even if some fans are happy with the effort, it sure doesn’t seem like the most practical way to collect information about the source of tickets.