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Man City Gym session Turns Into Heated Hippo vs Crocodile Debate

Man City Gym session Turns Into Heated Hippo vs Crocodile Debate

Have you ever wondered what the world’s best footballers talk about?

Imagine being in their shoes – boatloads of cash, unparalleled fame, copious amounts of pressure and access to all the leisure the world can offer. 

Obvious matters include football-centric chats with teammates and more luxurious topics such as ritzy restaurants and exclusive vacation spots.

But aside from all that, what else do Footballers gab about?

The answer, as it turns out, is a trivial comparison between a mammal and a reptile, akin to the pointless discussions one might have with his mates after downing 4 pints.

This came to light after a clip emerged that displayed Manchester City players in the gym, all deeply embroiled in a bizarre debate. 

It all kicked off in the middle of a stretching session, when Rodri popped up mid-pull, only to ask a perplexing question, ‘Who would you swim with? A Hippo or Crocodile?’

Erling Haaland was the first to offer his two cents, saying ‘Easy, a crocodile.’

He then roped John Stones into the discourse, who agreed with Haaland’s assessment that the Hippo is ‘most dangerous’. 

Rodri, the instigator himself, then stated that Hippos are more land-oriented, while also being less aggressive than a crocodile. 

Stones and the Spaniard continued to prattle on, after which Haaland interjected to defend his stance. 

The cameras then cut to the blurry back of Nathan Ake’s head, whose contribution to the debate left Rodri absolutely flummoxed. 

Unsurprisingly, the group turned to Kevin De Bruyne for his thoughts, and his answer was characteristically precise.

After the Belgian aligned with the Hippo faction, Haaland and Manuel Akanji mimicked an embrace with the mammal…for demonstrative reasons.

More opinions are thrown around as the group continues to deliberate upon the topic, Rodri then does a pirouette, because why not?

The discussion then reached midfielder maestros Illkay Gundogan and Bernardo Silva, and evidently, the group had lost sight of the initial question. 

Lounging comfortably, Silva says, ‘ The question is very simple, Who will win a fight between crocodile and Hippo?’

Clearly, the train of thought had led them astray. 

After reiterating the question, Silva looks to announce the definite winner, ‘Everyone says Hippo’.

Faint claps follow, Rodri looks unimpressed with consensus and the debate rages on.

De Bruyne pops up one final time, to remind you in close-up, ‘Hippo is better than a crocodile.’

And there you have it, folks, it turns out that your favourite footballers are just normal blokes off the pitch.