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Man United Women Star Responds to IShowSpeed’s Rejection Like an Absolute Queen

Man United Women Star Responds to IShowSpeed’s Rejection Like an Absolute Queen

The 18-year old YouTube sensation IShowSpeed never fails to appear in headlines and has once again come under the spotlight among the football community when a Manchester United player reacted to his recent livestream.

EA Sports announced the release of their new edition of the game recently and made some changes in the Ultimate Team mode feature which involves both men and women players featuring in the team builds.

Football enthusiast streamers often make their Ultimate Teams by opening player packs that feature footballers all around the world who they use to compete with other gamers online.

Speed also hopped on to Ultimate Mode to build a team of his favourite players after downloading the early-release version of the game.

He was visibly excited when he thought he packed a Manchester United player as he supports the Red Devils because of his idol Cristiano Ronaldo.

The American streamer’s enthusiasm was over the top when the footballer he got played in the left-back position and assumed it would be Luke Shaw, only to realize the modification EA made to the game which saw Hannah Blundell, the left-back of Manchester United Women’s team feature into his squad.

He was puzzled after her name was unveiled and screamed: “What the f***. Is that a girl?”

A clip of this part of his stream was uploaded on X since his reaction was hilarious after the unveiling of Blundell in his player pack. It garnered a lot of reactions from his fans and did not take much time till Hannah Blundell saw this video herself.

Speed turned out to be lucky as it could’ve heavily backfired on him since mammoth efforts are being made to make Women’s football more popular in comparison to the Men’s game.

But Hannah did not take offense to Speed’s reaction and light-heartedly saw through the joke as she quoted the video saying: “Hahahaha made it.”

Manchester United fans loved her response to the clip calling her a queen and ‘GOAT’ for taking the rejection in good spirits.

Some fans did take offense on her behalf replying: “Put some respect on my girl Hannah.” Another said: “If only he knew ball, Hannah is a legend.”

Hannah is also a gamer and a streamer herself as she has her own channel on the social media platform Twitch and regularly plays the videogame Call of Duty on there which is a reason why she understood Speed’s extreme emotions.

Regardless of Speed’s opinion of her, she has won the Women’s Super League 4 times which is also reflected in her card stats with an impressive 83 overall rating in the game.

Her defensive ability and physicality being given a rating of 83 and 72 respectively are the standout features on her FUT card as well.