FIFA YouTuber Pieface Pulls Off Dramatic 70 KG Weight Loss Transformation

The general perception around Football Twitter is that of a community divided into separate fanbases, all constantly at each other’s throats. 

However, once in a while, we receive moments where the community manages to unite in appreciation, these are few and far between but lovely to see nonetheless.

One such occasion occurred recently when an image of Jack McDermott began doing the rounds on Twitter. 

For the uninitiated, McDermott, also known as ‘Pieface’, is a popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer.

Pieface with Harry Kane

His content mostly revolves around gaming and is particularly centred on EA Sports’ Football-simulation series FIFA

The 30-year-old started his content creation journey last year, doing various Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and competing online. 

He was propelled to fame through numerous viral pack openings, which showed off his elation on packing a rare card, and dejection upon failing to do so. 

One of the highlights includes this clip, in which Jack gets baited into thinking he packed Marco Reus before nearly being reduced to tears as Julian Brandt reveals himself. 

The YouTuber is also an avid Plymouth Argyle supporter and makes sure to mark his attendance for most fixtures.

He also featured on the 16th season of the British Reality TV show Big Brother. 

Since starting from scratch, Jack has encompassed a YouTube audience of over 600k, alongside a Twitch subscriber count of 770k.

Pieface with Peter Crouch

These achievements alone are plenty to be proud of, however, he went one step further and also underwent an immense physical transformation. 

As evidenced by some of his earlier videos, ‘Pieface’ wasn’t just an empty moniker, Jack, in his own words, was ‘absolutely massive’.

Speaking on the HappyHour podcast hosted by JaackMaate, McDermott shared how he got to this point and how he felt the necessity for a change. 

At the time, he revealed that he had already made notable progress and lost 30kgs. 

Jack wasn’t done there and as seen in his latest photo upload, ‘Pieface’ has come a long, long way. 

YouTuber Pieface shows incredible weight loss in a recent photo.

Sporting the kit of his beloved Plymouth Argyle, Jack looks fit as a fiddle. 

The weight has evidently been trimmed down, and the YouTuber looks like a shadow of himself from the past.

All the hard work and persistence has clearly paid off, and McDermott’s story is quite simply inspirational. 

The FT community were in awe as well, and the replies were soon flooded with positive messages, with many even asking for his weight loss routine. 

The YouTuber did indeed open up on how he lost over 70kg a couple of months ago, check out his secret below –