Liverpool fans involved in a bust-up outside Anfield as club lifted its first Premier League trophy

22nd July, 2020 is the date Liverpool fans will cherish forever. The Merseyside outfit lifted its first league title in 30 years and the first one during the Premier League era.

While the players, coaches and staff were celebrating inside the stadium, a section of fans were involved in an ugly fight just outside Anfield. Fights involving fans from two different clubs have happened quite a few times before. But, a brawl between the supporters of the same club is a rare scenario.

Initially, two groups were seen throwing objects at each other and a few moments later, a hand to hand row broke out between them. It’s hard to actually figure out the exact reason behind this scene but it was certainly a despicable moment.

The club would be really disappointed with what panned out, particularly because Klopp himself urged the fans to stay at home for now and the celebrations would take place in the near future for sure. Celebrations aside, a fight would be the last thing Klopp, players or the club officials would have thought of.

It’d be really interesting to see the club’s statement when and if it does come out.

Check out a footage of the incident below –