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The comedy of errors that was Real Madrid’s third goal against Alcoyano

The comedy of errors that was Real Madrid’s third goal against Alcoyano

A Copa del Rey encounter between Real Madrid and minnows Alcoyano ended in a comedy of errors with Los Blancos securing a hard-earned victory to progress further in the tournament.

Madrid had to scrap against a seemingly weak opposition who put up a good fight going into the 70th minute before Carlo Ancelotti’s men scored two quick goals to end the night on a high.

Marco Asensio scored Madrid’s second on the 76th minute after which almost comical scenes played out that all but dashed Alcoyano’s hope of a comeback.

Pablo Díaz’s clearance inside his own box was deflected towards the goal, with Isco and the goalkeeper, José Juan, both charging towards the ball. 

The 29-year-old Madrid midfielder was the first to take a touch after an awkward bounce before running into José Juan. The duo fell flat on the ground after the collision while the ball got deflected into the goal via Juan’s inadvertent touch.

With his teammates surrounding and congratulating him soon thereafter, it appeared at first Isco had scored the goal. Replays, however, reveal it was the Alcoyano goalkeeper who got the last touch as the goal was later credited as an own goal.

It was, no doubt, a strange goal, one which drew stifled laughter from Madrid players who were undoubtedly relieved to put the game beyond doubt after it remained at level for the most part.