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3 tweets by Conor McGregor that highlight his desire to buy Chelsea

3 tweets by Conor McGregor that highlight his desire to buy Chelsea

A couple of days ago, suspicions swirled as talks of stern sanctions on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich began. Many speculated that the Russian would actively look to sell the Blues in an effort to exit the UK Economy entirely. Soon after, potential buyers also began to come forward including the likes of Hansjorg Wyss, Todd Boehly etc. Among those to state their intentions publicly was ‘The Notorious MMA’ himself, Conor McGregor. 

The UFC Icon initially displayed his interest by posting the image of a text conversation via his Twitter account. In the messages, the Irishman was very upfront in stating his intentions, as he said, “Chelsea for sale £3 bn, Let’s buy it”.

And as his reputation precedes, McGregor really doesn’t mince words. He followed his declaration up with a clip, which really cements the idea that the Irishman already views himself at the Blues. 

The clip looked to be fan-made and featured a like for like avatar of the MMA fighter posing as Chelsea manager in the football simulation game eFootball PES 2021. 

The game features a career mode that lets players take the reigns of any club of their choice. It also features rendered cutscenes displaying the player’s custom avatar indulging in various managerial activities such as press conferences, training sessions, unveilings etc. While the Irishman isn’t exactly vying for the top job at the club, he certainly wishes to be a part of the Blues. 

Despite being one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, it’s unlikely that McGregor would be able to fund a billion-dollar purchase on his own. Nevertheless, the Irishman has an alternate route for achieving his intentions, he can always purchase a stake in the club, following in the footsteps of athletes like LeBron James, Zlatan Ibrahimovic etc. 

The Manchester United fan, in his latest tweet, has now tabled an offer of £1.5billion to buy Chelsea –