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7 ways fans reacted to UK sanctions on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich

7 ways fans reacted to UK sanctions on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich

Thursday saw more misery being piled onto Roman Abramovich as the UK government announced a horde of sanctions on the Russian oligarch as part of their larger curb against wealthy aids close to Putin.

These sanctions have the immediate impact of halting Abramovich’s proposed sale of Chelsea. The sale will still be possible under the UK government’s terms following which the Russian oligarch could very well not receive any sum in return. However, in the long run, the problems posed by the restrictions seem grave as it directly impacts the club’s day to day functioning.

As per the UK government’s announcement, Chelsea have been given a new license to ensure the continuation of operations and allow for general functioning. However, it comes with severe retrains as the club would now be unable to issue new contracts for its players, enter into transfer deals for new players or obtain sums from sales, sell tickets for upcoming games with only season ticket holders being allowed to attend and finally sell any merchandise of the club.

All in all, the club is facing uncertain times ahead right during the business end of the season. Football fans have had diverse reactions to Chelsea’s predicament with some empathising with the Blues and asking relevant questions while others sticking to the idea that there is always room for banter at any point in time.

The direct influence of these restrictions will be on the people at the club whether it be players, coaches, administrative or logistical staff and this fan has chosen to highlight the very same aspect.

Repercussions beyond the club

Abramovich needs to walk away

Abramovich should follow up with the government’s conditions for sale as he mentioned in a statement that he values the club’s best interests more than anything else.

Deserved treatment for enabling state-ownership

The current treatment to Abramovich and Chelsea is fair as they were the pioneers of bringing in state ownership into English football which later on opened the doors to clubs like Manchester City to be backed by the Abu Dhabi-based state fund.

Pot calling kettle

There have also been attacks on the UK government for their hypocritic behaviour, being a nation that has inflicted so much violence on the majority of regions across the globe but choosing to punish Abramovich for being close to Putin.

Newcastle ownership in the spotlight, again

More on the hypocrisy, when the quick response to the Russian invasion is compared to the total disregard for other owners especially those from the Middle East such as Newcastle’s Saudi crown prince. The latter’s state is known to have funded war crimes in the recent past but irrespective of that history, the purchase of Newcastle was allowed.

Call for fan ownership

The entire model of ownership and structure followed by English football could (as with Chelsea) very easily collapse like a house of cards owing to “geopolitical shift, market downturn or disinterested benefactor.” This should be replaced by fan ownership of the club as is the case in the Bundesliga.

A Spurs joke is never too far away

When the bantering began, it led to the usual shouts of Chelsea being “finished” or “in the mud” but there have been a few counterpunches as well. Even during this crisis, London rivals Tottenham were not spared from attacks.

Perhaps these exchanges would do well to lighten the atmosphere around Chelsea supporters but there is no denying that they are facing a challenging period ahead of them.