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Who is Catalina Kim? Potential owner strikes chord with Chelsea fans

Who is Catalina Kim? Potential owner strikes chord with Chelsea fans

The Premier League is undoubtedly the elite domestic competition in football, and naturally, everyone wants a piece. 

So when a rare gem pops up on the market, sharks quickly encircle, and the matter becomes a topic of constant discussion. 

Such has been the case for Chelsea Football Club, which are currently up for sale after owner Roman Abramovich put the club up for purchase earlier this month.

This is no ordinary sale, however, as the sanctions imposed on the club prioritize a quick transition to new ownership, due to the need for finances to keep the club afloat. 

With a race against time on the cards, Raine Group, who is handling the sale, are at work putting together a shortlist of bidders. 

As per the news, the most likely candidates are a consortium led by Todd Boehly, The Ricketts family, and a bid led by Nick Candy. 

Despite his vast riches, Candy alone cannot conjure up a bid for the club, and as part of the funding, he has roped in investors. 

One of those is Catalina Kim, a football agent and the CEO of C&P sports. 

Kim has often been described as a ‘super agent’ and was reportedly instrumental in brokering a deal between Samsung and AC Milan, she also helped Real Madrid set up coaching facilities in South Korea.

While other bidders have opted for silence, Catalina has been actively interacting with fans on Twitter and Instagram.

Through her social media accounts, she has managed to gain the attention of many among the Blues faithful, and also their support.

Suppressing concerns, she pointed out the experience shared by the consortium members in the field of sports operation. 

Additionally, she outlined the roles of the consortium members, and stated that hers will be focused on ‘ensuring commercial revenue’. 

Considering the weeks of uncertainty that have passed, the transparency shown by Catalina Kim is certainly a welcome change, and her interactions with the fans have strengthened fan support for the bid.