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Man United fans have mixed feelings about new emoji-packed Marcus Rashford mural

Man United fans have mixed feelings about new emoji-packed Marcus Rashford mural

While Manchester United in their entirety have looked lacklustre throughout this season, Marcus Rashford in particular has been largely off-colour. 

In fact, the England international has been in a rough patch ever since the Euros, during which he missed a crucial penalty in the final. He further struggled with an injury he incurred in October, and his return did little to brighten up the rest of his season. 

Due to his form, a section of United fans have grown rather hostile towards Rashford, and the Englishman has received plenty of criticism and abuse. 

In response to the circumstances, and as an act of further encouragement for the forward, artist Reuben Dangoor collaborated with Beats by Dre to create a mural. 

And so far, fan reactions have been rather mixed. 

The mural can be found near the Northern Quarter of the city and depicts Rashford at the centre of two contrasting sentiments. 

On the right, emojis of a happier note has been drawn, smiles, grins, and hearts everywhere you look. These expressions are coupled with positive messages which have been sent to England international, the right side also features a lighter colour tone. 

The left displays the complete opposite, the colour palette goes darker, and the expressions turn upside down with frowns, grimaces, and plenty of disapproval.

Placed in the thick of it is Rashford, his depiction is almost zen-like, at peace with the moment, his ears fitted with earphones shutting out all the noise. There’s also a caption at the bottom which reads, “Form is temporary, Class is permanent.” 

Despite being a truly stunning piece of art, it received a lukewarm response from fans online. 

The main gripe of fans had to do with the player, rather than the mural. 

Many were doubting Rashford’s accomplishments and wondered if the player even deserves such a tribute. 

Aside from this, fans cited the lack of effort he’s shown as a reason for their disapproval. 

Considering how quickly the United faithful are turning on Rashford, it’s safe to wonder whether he’ll be able to win them back next season.