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The abomination that is this half-n-half Arsenal and Spurs kit

The abomination that is this half-n-half Arsenal and Spurs kit

Correct us if we’re wrong (we aren’t) but football undoubtedly is the most passionate sport on planet Earth. 

Our claim certainly isn’t unfounded, the Super League protests that unravelled in 2021 stand as prime evidence. Additionally, the almost rabid support fans provide to their clubs consistently, is enough of a showcase for fiery footy passion. 

These sentiments all converge fervidly on Derby Day when 2 sides divided under a club crest are pitted against each other, unwavering and unfiltered in their distaste for each other. 

Perhaps this description teeters on the edge of hyperbole, but the actual sight of two fanbases exhibiting vehement support, while having a go at each other, is truly remarkable.

A case in point, is the often-heated North London Derby, putting Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur at odds, an occasion where Gooners happily pull out the infamous chant named ‘We Hate Tottenham’. Clearly, no love is lost there. 

The 2 sides along with their fans are constantly tied in a never-ending cycle of ‘one upmanship’, seeking bragging rights wherever possible. 

And the mere notion of a player jumping ship to the rival side is considered blasphemy, just ask William Gallas. 

Now imagine that these two proud clubs who can’t stand the sight of each other were crammed into a single t-shirt, forced to share the spot.

Unfortunately, the nightmare became a reality and such a shirt surfaced online. 

As seen in this image, the shirt has been split into 2 halves, one for Arsenal and one for Spurs. Perhaps these were intended for neutrals, although that didn’t stop fans from wincing on first look. 

The design momentarily brought the 2 rival fan bases together as they both agreed that it was simply atrocious. 

Sadly, this was short-lived, and soon enough they were at each other’s throats again by demeaning the opposite half of the shirt. 

Hopefully, the backslash was enough to ward off anyone thinking of doing the same. Check out the reactions below –