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WATCH: Granit Xhaka Gives Rapidfire Response to Messi v Ronaldo Question

WATCH: Granit Xhaka Gives Rapidfire Response to Messi v Ronaldo Question

When players state their personal footy opinions, it always gets interesting. Just picking between Messi and Ronaldo could provide Football Twitter with a weekend’s worth of fodder, any others on top of that are just a bonus. 

Ironically enough, fans often use a player’s preferences to judge their ball knowledge, and even a single disagreement could lead to a star’s football IQ being berated by random stan accounts. 

The latest star to present his preferences was Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka, and some of his answers were intriguing, to say the least.

The Swiss international featured in the latest edition of ‘You Have To Answer’, a series by ESPN which asks players to adhere to the title. 

It started with the big one right off the bat, Messi or Ronaldo? And there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation, as Xhaka quickly darted back with CR7. Quite the curtain raiser. 

Up next was a FA Cup triumph or a UCL Campaign. 

After a bit of deliberation, the 29-year-old went with European Nights instead of a historic evening at Wembley, a choice that caused a bit of a stir. However, after letting his answer sit for a bit it certainly makes sense, especially as the midfielder has lifted the coveted Cup twice, but hasn’t featured in the UCL since 2017, a stat he’ll be eager to turn around this season. 

Another intriguing answer came when Xhaka was asked for his pick between Xavi and Iniesta. 

The Barcelona legends are up there with the greatest midfielders of all time, and picking between them is almost impossible. While fan opinion has slightly leaned towards Iniesta, the Arsenal man is from the opposite school of thought, as he went with the Barca Gaffer. 

Naturally, his answers became topics of discussion soon after the video went live, with some users in agreement while others were surprised. The video certainly isn’t enough to get a gauge on Xhaka’s footy IQ, but it’s an interesting watch nonetheless.