The FPL And Eminem Mashup You Weren’t Expecting to See Today

While the action on the pitch is usually enthralling by itself, the thrills provided by Fantasy Premier League (FPL) only enhance that experience. 

The feeling of competing against millions of other managers, with nothing except wits and knowledge by your side is incredibly immersive, and as such, the FPL continues to grow each season.

However, much like the beautiful game itself, FPL’s nature can be extremely fickle.

You could be over the moon after your marquee man delivers as expected, or down in the dumps when their performance sees a steep decline, all within the same week.

Gambling with your chips and watching them payoff is always cathartic while witnessing your Triple Captained player blank out will likely induce plenty of agonies.

A perfect display of just how treacherous FPL can come in Gameweek 4, as numerous safe bets failed to deliver. 

Drawing on and on about these in meticulous detail certainly won’t make for a brisk read, so here’s Hip-Hop legend Eminem to sum all it up!


Created by popular FPL meme account ‘FPL Will’, this unlikely mashup displays a summary of Game week 4 by Eminem, with the vocals fabricated through a bit of digital tinkering.

The lyrics have been penned by ‘FPL Will’ himself, and his song and cadence of choice appear to be the Eminem classic ‘The Real Slim Shady’.

The original lyrics which carried plenty of braggadocio have been replaced by solid FPL bars that reflect what many managers felt at the end of the match week.

It all begins with a simple question ‘Why didn’t Rodrigo score?’ 

Up until GW 4, the Brazilian had scored in 3 successive appearances but failed to continue the streak as Leeds came up short against Brighton. 

Recounting the various disappointments, Em goes on to bring up a trio of letdowns in Aaron Ramsdale, Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Martinelli. 

Arsenal’s high-flying start made them popular picks ahead of kick-off against Fulham, with the prospect of bonus points very likely.

Unfortunately, aside from earning the customary appearance points, the trio could muster together nothing else. 

And that wasn’t even the biggest letdown of the week, 

Liverpool thrashed Bournemouth 9-0 with 6 different players registering themselves on the scoresheet, and shockingly, Mo Salah failed to join that list.

The Reds’ talisman would be a popular choice against any team, let alone likely relegation candidates.

So naturally, his blanking out left many in dismay

The mashup then briefly touches on Manchester City’s worrying defensive record, as the Citizens have let in 6 goals in 4 games, and places the blame on Ruben Dias labelling him a ‘fraud’ in the process.

A mention of Mason Mount’s lack of contributions so far rounds off the track, and it then descends into a chorus of, ‘I hate FPL, I hate FPL For real I hate FPL, I swear to f*#king god I hate FPL’.

By now, you probably get the gist.