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Here’s The Homelander Edit Bleacher Report Used To Parody Cristiano Ronaldo

Here’s The Homelander Edit Bleacher Report Used To Parody Cristiano Ronaldo

We’re pleased to report that Cristiano Ronaldo‘s evergreen theatrics are still alive and well.

The Manchester United forward may be in the twilight of his career, but that hasn’t stopped him from stirring up drama on occasion.

Manchester United’s pre-season camp began with clouds of uncertainty looming large, primarily due to Portugal international’s absence.

This was paired alongside reliable reports which claimed Ronaldo was seeking a way out of United, only a year after his return.

The 37-year-old did little to silence the noise, and for weeks, transfer market headlines broadly displayed his name.

He then went on to ceremoniously announce his return for a friendly, through a now infamous comment, ‘Sunday, the king plays’.

Considering all of CR7’s actions leading up to that fateful game, do you think the proud United crowd let him get away with it? Ideally, not

But that’s exactly what happened, as Ronaldo strolled back into Old Trafford with ‘Viva Ronaldo’ blaring throughout the venue.

The afternoon all but confirmed that it is seemingly impossible to put the man on trial, the ‘streets’ love him far too much.

And as if he wasn’t already aware, that day probably reaffirmed that he could get away with just about anything.

You know, things like refusing to come on as a sub or leaving the stadium early.

Anyway, following that afternoon many comparisons popped up online, linking Ronaldo to a character named ‘Homelander’.

For those unfamiliar, Homelander is the antagonist from the popular Amazon Prime offering ‘The Boys.

The character himself is a ribbed, slightly narcissistic, all-powerful and incredibly influential superhero, who carries himself like a deity. Sound familiar?

Well, it certainly did to BR Football who went ahead and brought the comparisons to life through a seamless edit.

The edit was conceived as part of their Halloween-themed post, which displayed players in fitting costumes.

For Ronaldo, the publication cheekily stapled his face onto Homelander’s body, before backtracking almost immediately and deleting the tweet.

Unfortunately, Football Twitter has eagle eyes and fans quickly captured what BR Football had cooked up. And they…seemed to like it.

Honestly, the comparison carries weight as we’ve stated above, so the publication was clearly onto something.

Users online even came up with the name ‘Ronlander’, it isn’t perfect, but you get the gist.