4 Ways Jermaine Jenas Had Fans Raging With His Commentary On BBC One

English fans have often complained about the commentators that they have had, whether it be in the Premier League or the World Cup. When they have poetic legends like Martin Tyler and Peter Drury commentating, it is easy to see why they are spoilt for choice. 

When former footballer Michael Owen started commentating on games, people thought it could not get worse. With his inane comments like “What a shot! That’s completely unstoppable, but the keeper’s got to do better for me”, it takes little explanation as to why they think so. However, it seems that a new challenger has come on to take the throne of the most hated commentator on TV. 

This man is Jermaine Jenas.

Television host, football analyst, and former professional football player Jermaine Jenas played for Tottenham Hotspur as a central midfielder. He also made 21 appearances and scored one goal with the senior England national football team. But he wasn’t as prominent in the headlines then as he is now. 

He is getting a lot of tweets barraging at him, and instead of football, it is for his commentary. 

When England played Iran and defeated them 6-2, it would have been a shock for Jermaine Jenas to see that it was him who was trending after the game.

The viewers were simply outraged by the fact that he is a commentator for BBC and complained that this was some of the worst commentating they had seen. Here is a Twitter summary of the events:

Things were bleak just as soon as the game started. His name was enough for fans to grimace. The fact that he followed up with Dion Dublin, another commentator disliked by the fans, only made it worse.

Some said that his bit on the human right violation was more criminal than the crimes committed by Qatar itself. A bit extreme, to be perfectly frank.

One of the nitpicking points was how biased he is towards the English team, which, as a commentator, he shouldn’t be. It may be well and good for England supporters but absolutely spoils the experience for neutrals.

Another was when he went on an angry rant about how the medical team could have handled the head injury better. His points weren’t wrong, but the way he says it rubs people the wrong way.

To the relief of many, he was followed up by Ally McCoist, a name beloved by the viewers. His love for the game and his passion for commentating was like water to a man who hasn’t had a sip in days.

Like him or hate him, Jenas is here to stay. And by the looks of it, so is England. 

This World Cup is heating up, and everyone looks like a contender. Even a dislike for Jermaine Jenas won’t be enough to keep the viewers away from the screen.