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Did Cristiano Ronaldo Just Poke Man Utd With His New Luxury Watch? Here’s What We Know

Did Cristiano Ronaldo Just Poke Man Utd With His New Luxury Watch? Here’s What We Know

Despite being laser-focused on the World Cup in Qatar, Cristiano Ronaldo has still managed to find the time for a rampant marketing run.

Soon after his bombshell interview with Piers Morgan went online, the 38-year-old unveiled a number of partnerships with various brands, including an iconic picture with Lionel Messi for Louis Vuitton

Other promos with the likes of Nike, Livescore and Binance have followed since, and yet another landed just yesterday. 

Posting on his Instagram, Ronaldo revealed an exclusive line of watches in collaboration with Luxury brand Jacobs and Co.

The intricate timepieces are all set to arrive in 4 different variants, with 2 of those being advanced options laced with jewellery. 

The Manchester United legend was seen sporting the Red variant, which features an emblazoned image of Ronaldo’s 2.65m-high jump.

Aptly named ‘Flight of CR7’, fans quickly recognized that the design was borrowed from his headed goal against Manchester United during a UCL tie in 2013. 

Playing for Real Madrid, Ronaldo took flight and towered above his opposite marker in Patrice Evra before providing a clinical header. 

The goal went down as one of CR7’s most memorable and now finds itself on a luxury watch. 

Considering the tensions between United and Ronaldo leading up to the post, many fans believed the image to be a cheeky dig by the player.

Although unlikely, there might be a case for that theory, as the striker could’ve easily taken a picture with the alternative variant of the watch.

Named ‘Heart of CR7’, the image in use is much different and cannot be interpreted as a dig in any manner.

The timing of the post was rather fortuitous as well, as the two parties confirmed Ronaldo’s departure by mutual consent just hours later. 

Intentional or not, he managed to rattle a few Reds on his way out, a recurring theme for the past week really. 

If you’re interested in the luxury timepiece, they’ll cost you around £24,000 for the base versions, and up to £124,000 for the jewel-packed ‘Baguette’ variants. 

To justify the eye-watering figures, the watches include 26 white diamonds around the frame, alongside sapphire crystals and gold prints. 

Emblazoned on the back is Ronaldo’s celebratory leap for a bit of added flair, and such details are present elsewhere as well.