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Bournemouth Announce Black Panther Star Michael B. Jordan Like A New Signing

Bournemouth Announce Black Panther Star Michael B. Jordan Like A New Signing

AFC Bournemouth is a fairly young club in the Premier League given that the team was only a contender for 5 seasons between 2014 to 2020, after which they were relegated to the Second Division.

On 4th May 2022, AFC Bournemouth took to Instagram to announce to the world that they have successfully secured promotion back into the top flight of English football.

And things are hopefully about to get even better, for the currently 14th-placed Premier League club following its successful sale which should bring an influx of capital and resources for the development of the players and the club, as a whole.

That said, the new consortium of owners has one newbie investor amidst some larger names.

The previous owner of Bournemouth, Mr Maxim Demin really turned things around after taking complete ownership of the club in 2011.

However, in September 2022, he initiated discussions to sell the club given its recently earned profitability and the sale finally went through for a whopping GBP 120 million.

Bill Foley – New majority owner of AFC Bournemouth.

Now while the majority stake is owned by Bill Foley, Chairman of Fidelity National Financial, who is also the owner of Vegas Golden Knights, an NHL outfit and 2-time Division champion, Hollywood superstar Michael B. Jordan has also bought into the club as a minority investor, and as such, is a proud part owner of AFC Bournemouth.

The Black Panther and Apollo Creed star will foray into the world of pro-sport franchise ownership, in keeping with the recent trend of deep-pocketed Americans finding capitalistic value in various Premier League teams, by becoming a minority owner of Bournemouth

Per reports, the actor-cum-director-cum-producer will become the club’s ambassador and will play a pivotal role in making AFC Bournemouth an international brand with a place among the best clubs in the world.

It’s worth mentioning that the 35-year-old’s commitment to the club won’t be his first dance in the world of sports marketing.

As a child, the actor was the face of an American virtual sporting goods store by the name of Modell which has grown its footprint in the United States of America considerably since.

Moreover, given his penchant for physical fitness, maybe the Premier League underdog and its majority owner and Vegas businessman Foley, will be able to source considerable benefits from Jordan’s efforts for making the club a marketable commodity.

The social media admins of the club are definitely excited as the official Bournemouth Twitter account revealed Michael B Jordan just like they would any new player signing –

That said, the new owners certainly have their job cut out for them given that Bournemouth has presently lost 7 matches in the Premier League and have only managed to scrape 4 wins this season.