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Photo – Mata roasts Matic in the comments, gets called as ‘insta bully’ by Rashford

Photo – Mata roasts Matic in the comments, gets called as ‘insta bully’ by Rashford

Nemanja Matic uploaded a photo of working out from his home with the caption- “Everyday is gym day #stayhome”

This post was surely headed to be included in the extensive list of posts which footballers and athletes seemed to be posting since all the sporting action has come to a screeching halt due to the coronavirus pandemic, and you can’t really blame them. 

Staying at home for consecutive days isn’t easy, but to use that time to work on your fitness so that you are at your best whenever the season starts seems like a pretty good thing to do in quarantine for a footballer and that’s what Matic seemed to be doing. 

His United teammate Juan Mata clearly had other ideas and “seemed” to know the age old trick Matic was trying to pull off.

He clapped back at Matic and wrote “Get dressed and then go to the gym to take a photo and then all day on the sofa. Old trick Nema 😂”.

Mata’s  hysterical reply clearly had all of us in splits. Their United teammate Rashford also chirped in and thought Mata was being an “Insta bully”. 

Juan Mata is clearly well liked among his colleagues and is generally known for his quiet and silent demeanour, but this clearly shows he knows how to pull someone’s leg too.

Well we all are clearly missing the action on the pitch, but exchanges like this makes us hooked in the action off the pitch as well.

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