These football fans arguing over Harry Kane’s £200m valuation is the new “he’s 28 until he’s 29”

Football Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving. The Arsenal fanbase will not have forgotten the iconic ‘he’s 28 until he’s 29’ Twitter argument between two of the Gunners faithful.

The two Gooners struggled to convince each other over their perception of the Porto star Jackson Martinez, who at the time was heavily linked with Arsenal. They argued over the age-old question of whether or not the player was actually 28 as he approached the 29-year-old mark in just a few weeks, leaving rest of the FT with their heads buried in their hands.

While that happened back in 2015, there is now a 2020 version with a very similar debate as Harry Kane’s rumoured £200m transfer fee was held as the primary point of discussion.

The thread came into existence due to Manchester City’s rumoured interest in Tottenham’s Harry Kane as Pep Guardiola looks for an heir to Sergio Aguero. The latter has just one year left in his contract at the Etihad Stadium.

The two football fans jumped into the fray to recreate the very same essence seen in the infamous ‘he’s 28 until he’s 29’ argument. The discussion soon went from Spurs evaluation of their striker to a quarrel over a £2.6m toaster.

Spotted brilliantly by @AndyHa_, we’ll leave this thread here for your enjoyment-