Throwback to the time Scunthorpe and Brentford engaged in the most brutal 17 seconds in football

When Scunthorpe met Brentford in 2005 in the third division of the English footballing pyramid, the match turned into a full-blown brawl after a single sliding tackle.

A number of very risky challenges for the ball were recorded in a very short span of time as the centre of the stadium erupted into a brutal battleground with players showing no care for the world or even the referee.

Flying into risky challenges with next to no hesitation at all, the possession of the ball changed hands multiple times in a very short timespan, almost similar to an ice hockey game.

There were a total of 9 crunching tackles recorded in 17 seconds of the game, before the game was inevitably stopped with a player being sent off for a second yellow card.

Check out the passage of play in all its glory below –

Brentford went on to win the game 3-1, but the game would exist in archives for years to come for a very different reason.

Nostalgic football fans would comment that the nature of the sport has been changing in recent years, but the risks taken in the whole passage of play could be potentially career-threatening and should not be glorified for the sake of the basic ideals of the game.