James Rodriguez slammed for not knowing who Everton play this weekend

James Rodriguez showed a serious lack of awareness regarding the club that he plays for with his recent comments during a Twitch broadcast.

The Colombian has been spending a lot of time on the live streaming platform ever since Carlo Ancelotti left Everton to join Real Madrid.

The former Real Madrid and Bayern Munich player showed glimpses of brilliance in a strong start to his Toffees career before getting injured multiple times and then eventually fading away from the lineup towards the end of last season.

According to Daily Mail, Rafa Benitez has allowed Rodriguez to leave the club as he doesn’t feature in his plans for the new season.

The 30-year-old himself seems little interested in day-to-day affairs at the club as he admitted that he was not aware who Everton are playing this weekend.

Here’s how Twitter slammed the Colombian’s disrespectful remarks on Twitch –

Bridges burned

Get him gone

The ‘Rafa froze Rodriguez out’ rhetoric needs to end, pronto

Hello James, ever heard of a little internet thingy called Google

Even Bayern fans are getting on in the act

Newcastle United fans too