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New Arsenal pre-match shirt gives heavy Jamaican vibes

New Arsenal pre-match shirt gives heavy Jamaican vibes

For the past few years, Arsenal and their sponsor Adidas have been on a spree of realising some truly excellent kits and retro remakes.

Their recent collaboration with ‘Transport for London’ for their pre-match shirt was a hit.

Apparently, their pre-match shirt for next season has leaked too.

Coming to us via Footy Headlines, if true, the kit looks all set to be another hit.

The pre-match shirt, which will be worn before kickoff and during the player’s warm-ups is an eye-catcher.

Featuring a graphic covering the entire shirt, with the colours black, green and yellow throughout.

The collar remains a single tone of black to give it a rounded look.

The logos, such as the club crest and sponsors, are black and white in shade, which blends well with the multicolour background.

Thematically the kit seems to be in line with the leaked pre-match shirt of Real Madrid, who are also sponsored by Adidas.

Hence, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see other pre-match shirts of various Adidas-sponsored clubs follow suit.

An obvious influence for the shirt seems to be the Jamaican flag, the shirt borrows the 3 core shades from the flag.

Some also made references to the popular word game Wordle which uses a similar colour pattern.

Gooners were Twitter were mostly positive in their reactions to the leak, while others pointed out the seemingly rapid number of new merchandise the club keeps releasing.