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Colder Than Iceland: Three chilling pics from the USMNT v Honduras match

Colder Than Iceland: Three chilling pics from the USMNT v Honduras match

Football isn’t a sport one would normally associate with extreme weather conditions, but America vs Honduras is sure to change your mind. 

The World Cup qualifier was played at the Allianz field in Minnesota and saw the hosts pick up a 3-0 victory on their way to qualification for Qatar. 

The win didn’t come without outrage as Honduran supporters and coaching staff alike were incensed at the conditions the match took place in. 

The temperature at Saint Paul hit sub-zero temperatures on the night, even hitting a low of -17C. 

Players could be warming up wearing just about anything they could, from gloves to caps to even baklavas. 

Their Central American visitors who are accustomed to tropical conditions felt the brunt of the cold, and two Honduran players even came off due to hypothermia during the game. 

Some reportedly required IV drips for recovery. 

These 3 images paint a clearer picture of the frigid conditions. 

Freezing cold (pun intended) – 

During TUDNUSA’s coverage of the game, the reporters can be seen sporting fur coats and caps to battle the cold. 

The pair then display an entirely frozen t-shirt, one which was submerged in water merely 2 minutes ago, a clear indication of just how cold it was. 

All wrapped up – 

The winds were nippy, to say the least, the extent of which can be seen in this image. 

Captured during the game’s coverage, goalkeeper Matt Turner can be seen wrapped entirely in a blue blanket to shield from the cold. 

The US goalkeeper, during the game, had to be wrapped up in blankets whenever the play got stopped to stay warm.


Props must go out to all the loyal supporters who turned out in less than ideal conditions to cheer on their side. 

Unfortunately, they couldn’t find respite in a pint of beer either going by this image. 

Shared by former American international Stu Holden, the 36-year-old can be seen standing alongside fellow USMNT fans and showing off glasses of entirely frozen beer. 

We hope the 3 points made it worth all the hardship.