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Twitter grills Man City YouTuber for belittling Peterborough United

Twitter grills Man City YouTuber for belittling  Peterborough United

The many problems plaguing modern-day football include the likes of greed, racism, among others.

One of these, while minor in nature compared to others, is bandwagoning.

For those unfamiliar, bandwagoning is essentially climbing aboard the hype train of a largely successful club despite having no previous affinity to them.

The problem is particularly common amongst this generation’s football fans.

It’s easy to find young fans who support the Premier League’s Big Six or European heavyweights, but it’s rare to see people from this age demographic support a smaller club or one from the second division.

This trend also leads to an outright lack of knowledge about the various clubs that surround an individual, an example of which is visible in this clip.

It comes via the CityExtra YouTube channel during a watch along of Manchester City’s FA Cup tie against Fulham.

The City fan featured in the clip discovers that City’s next opponents are Peterborough, a second division club.

He is evidently unfamiliar with the club, despite living in England as the club is literally named after a borough.

Nonetheless, he soon discovers that they’re a Championship club after which he laughs them off upon learning their position (22nd) in the league standings.

Calling humbler opposition ‘bad’ and ‘s*it’ is never acceptable, especially not in front of a live audience who are familiar with Man City’s relegation struggles in the past.

And as such, the clip quickly went viral and users on Twitter came hammering down on the host’s ignorance towards Peterborough and lack of football knowledge.