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Outrageous: PSG’s wage bill is 37% of all Ligue 1 clubs combined

Outrageous: PSG’s wage bill is 37% of all Ligue 1 clubs combined

2021 has been a terrific year for PSG as they saw a series of star-studded entries to their club. Having the biggest names in football in a single team is no easy thing to manage. It is already difficult to imagine how PSG can justify the high earners of the game like Neymar, Messi, Mbappe and Ramos, and Donnarumma.

PSG’s cost in the wages of the players has been recently revealed by the French newspaper L’Équipe and the figures are simply astronomical. However, no one is quite sure how did the wage bill cross the previous year’s record.


PSG’s eye-watering wages bill has amounted to a whopping 629 million euros for salary charges. The amount has grown tremendously over the last couple of seasons. 

According to the newspaper, the present figure is 37% of what the other Ligue 1 teams have collectively spent on this concept. Their total surmounts to 1,730 million euros. The amount does not seem very noticeable when it comes to a rich club such as PSG. However, it gains an appreciable relevance when compared to the other teams, and brings to notice the unbalanced gap in the league.

PSG is the only football team in Europe that has such tremendous bills. No other club is even close to the Parisian Giants. Thus, when compared to other leagues, the French league remains highly unstable financially.

If we look at Premier League, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Chelsea have spent a total of 648,519,000 million euros in the 2021/22 season. This is almost equivalent to PSG’s figure this season.



Over the past few years, PSG’s wage bill slowly skyrocketed. In 2018, the total salary had amounted to 370 million euros. A year later, 44 million euros was added above 2018’s figure. 

Despite the pandemic in 2020, PSG only saw a rise in expenditure. The payroll stood at 503 million euros. Now with the plethora of players coming into the scene, the bill has reached a new record.

The club has not denied the information about the figures. However, they pointed out a slight revision downwards, clarifying that their calculations have shown the figure to be 585 million euros.


PSG however does not have a lot to worry about. The sanctions from UEFA and France should not be bothering them. Now with a loss of around 200 million euros, PSG can easily avoid the DNCG, the financial controller of the French clubs. The financial institution states that if a club suffers losses despite the amount, they are guaranteed solvency. With a capital increase through Qatar Sports Investment, the Parisian club can easily guarantee solvency.

However, they may have a problem with UEFA. It was reported recently that a luxury tax will be imposed on a club that exceeds the salary limit. This tax will then be redistributed among the Champions League participants. That too should be easy for the French giants!