UCL Made For A Thrilling Night And Even The Guinness Book Of Records Tweeted To Celebrate

Despite being an annual competition, it’s incredible how the magic of the UEFA Champions League never fades away. Year after year teams leave it all on the pitch to get their hands on ‘Big Ears’, ensuring that fans are treated to high-quality football. 

The number of iconic moments the UCL has provided is baffling, and they span multiple decades as well. 

Just the thought of classic Champions League moments brings to mind – Zidane’s sweet volley against Bayer Leverkusen, Fernando Torres tapping into an empty net at the Camp Nou, Sergio Roberto’s lunging strike to make it 6-1, and many many more. 

This season alone gave us Real Madrid‘s incredible 2nd half comeback against PSG and yesterday proved to be another classic European night. A 3-2 thriller at the Bernabeu coupled with an upset for the ages as Villarreal trumped Bayern Munich at the Bavarian’s backyard made for top-tier entertainment, as usual. 

Everyone was caught up in the UCL frenzy, and one such organization even went on to make a bold declaration. 

It all took place on Twitter during the aftermath of the two fixtures. 

The official account of Guinness World Records lauded the Champions League and stated, “We’re going to confirm the Champions League as the greatest sports competition in history”. 

High praise coming from a source that is literally reputed for confirming World Records. 

And we assure you, they know their stuff. 

Needless to say, Football fans can certainly back up their statement. We sincerely hope the magic of the Champions League remains intact for decades to come.